21st Century

Business Models

Using Technology In Business

  • Cloud Technology
  • Business Management Applications
  • New Point-Of-Sale Systems


Where in the past it was difficult for small businesses to gain the same foothold as larger businesses, technology has changed the playing field. Even better is the fact that modern-day business technology is often inexpensive and easy to use, which means that business owners are able to implement such technology, learn how to use it, and easily add it to their normal day-to-day business activities.

Cloud Technology

Clutter from various business related papers, forms, calendars, and the like has become a thing of the past thanks to cloud technology. Now businesses can schedule meetings, create and share spreadsheets, take care of billing, keep track of time, and much more through cloud services. Such technology is available on desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and phones, making it simpler for businesses and customers to stay on the same page.

Business Management Applications

Small business owners will also find options for better business management as they explore cloud technology. Besides small business IT support, management applications also include marketing automation, human resource management, and business services automation. Such services and applications save time, money, and energy, and there’s also the fact that they make it easier for small businesses to reach their full potential.

Point-Of-Sale System

While cash and checks are still in use, many consumers often carry neither. To make business transactions more efficient, new point-of-sale systems allow consumers to take care of payments with mobile card readers, which is great for small businesses that operate on-the-go and don’t have brick-and-mortar locations. Companies that have both online and physical locations also have options for syncing up sales for both.