Your Career

It's never too late
to make a career change

  • Reevaluate yourself
  • Get the training you need
  • Find that new career


Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled at work? For some people, finding a better employer and switching jobs may be the answer. For others, a complete career reinvention may be required if they feel like they don’t belong in a particular industry any longer. If you’re part of the second group, take courage and understand that although switching careers isn’t easy, it is worth it.


Before you can reinvent yourself, you need to take inventory of what you do and what you don’t like about your current career and industry. Are there certain responsibilities that come naturally to you? If so, you may want to find a job with similar responsibilities in another field. Are there job duties associated with your current job that you dislike? Avoid taking future jobs that require the same tasks.

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Overhaul your resume

It can be tricky to update your resume when you’re completely switching careers, so it’s best to start from scratch. You may need to emphasize new skills you learned while completely omitting irrelevant skills that you utilized for previous jobs. For example, your Montessori teacher training experience may be very valuable for the new job, but your purchase order planning experience may now be irrelevant.

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Seek sound advice

Find out what skills and experience employers in your new field are looking for, then get advice from other professionals in your network. If your current network resource is unable to help you in your newly chosen field, renew your network by connecting with people who have in that area. Remember, when trying to land a great job, it’s all about “who you know”. It’s never too late to start networking.